January 29 - February 12, 2023

Welcome to the first of Hivelocity's bi-weekly changelog report! In the spirit of transparency and sharing what we've been working on, we are aiming at releasing updates about our changes with a bi-weekly cadence. This may change in the future as we work on what works for you as far as updates goes.

System fixes and enhancements released between 1/29 and 2/12

  • API related enhancements

    • Updated the inventory endpoints to enhance the stability of the store.
    • Updated the store to handle 2FA requests better when users with multiple accounts using the same email switch account logins.
  • myV enhancements

    • Enhanced the copy function for the temporary login details in myV to allow copying of each individual field when clicked.
    • Updated the "Request Reload" modal in myV to more accurately set expectations and notify the user that "We'll email you when your device is ready."
    • Optimized the user experience in the myV Device Details page to automatically update the global state when settings are changed so that the user does not need to manually refresh the page after updating a setting.
    • Enhanced myV to allow CMD+Click (Mac) and CTRL+Click (Windows) to open a new tab in a browser.
    • Improved the visual spacing on the Device Details page in myV by reducing the amount of whitespace between the header and body.
    • Enhanced the DNS section of myV with an updated design and a listing all of the client’s domains with the option to add new domains.
  • Provisioning enhancements

    • Updated the deployment script for Alma Linux by defining the default route to correct the provisioning process.