March 27 - April 9, 2023

In the past two weeks, we've been focusing on optimizations in the store, enhancements to myV and updating the "Switch to Custom" function in the store.

System fixes and enhancements released between 3/27 and 4/9

  • API related enhancements

    • Enhanced the way the Device Details and Device List endpoints return the hostname field to prevent the hostname from returning null when the hostname does exist.
    • Enhanced the /carts/items api in the store to perform faster and have better out of stock notifications.

  • MyV enhancements

    • Added a customizable banner in myV to be used for notifications and alerts.
    • In myV, enhanced the Rapid Restore Backups timeline to make sure it does not show old data when a mixture of device IDs and service IDs are used.
    • Enhanced the database to ignore spaces before and after a login email address to ensure the support page can be accessed without manual intervention.
    • Enhanced the security of the password reset tool to not confirm if the supplied email address exists within our system.
    • Enhanced the tickets created from myV for Wasabi to be automatically associated with client accounts upon ticket creation in Zendesk.
    • Enhanced the tickets created from myV for Rapid Restore to be automatically associated with client accounts upon ticket creation in Zendesk.

  • Store UI enhancements

    • Updates made to the "Switch to Custom" functionality in the Store.
      • “Convert to Instant”/”Switch to Custom” button updated to show a loading spinner once clicked and before new customization pages loads
      • If device details match (location, primary drive, and memory are exact), a match should be made.
      • If a location is selected on an instant device that is available on a custom device, the custom device is given that location if switch to custom is selected.
      • When converting, if options on the original customization are not available on conversion, defaults are selected.
      • As long as options are available between instant/custom, all selected options are retained.

  • Networking/Infrastructure enhancements

    • Updated networking error handling to send tickets to Zendesk for better visibility.