Account Verification

After your first order, or whenever you add a new credit card within your first year of paid service, you will be requested to complete account verification. All accounts must go through this process. Since we are a hosting provider, our platform is often the target of malicious activity and abuse. To protect our network and our existing customers, we verify the identity of new clients and cards. You have multiple choices for verification:

Card Verification

Card verification is the recommended method for verification. You may select to verify your possession of the card on the order. A charge of an amount between $.50 and $3.00 will be added to your card. You will be asked to login to your credit card account and verify this amount in order to complete your initial order. You have three chances to provide the correct amount. Once verified, a credit will be added to your Hivelocity account equal to the one time verification charge.


Card Verification Requirements

Card verification requires that you have access to your online statements. The statements must display charges in USD currency. If this not feasible, it is recommended to use Identity Verification.

Paypal Verification

You may use the Paypal Verification method if you are paying for your services via Paypal and your Paypal email address matches your client account email address. After completing your order, login to your email and open the email message with subject Confirm Your Email Address. Once opened, click Verify Email. You account will then be verified.

Identity Verification

Alternatively, you may select to upload a copy of your payment card and a form of legal identification. Passports, Driver's Licenses, and Identity Cards are accepted. This data is reviewed, approved, and deleted automatically. The system allows you to upload a photo via:

  • Your computer camera
  • Your cell phone
  • Uploading an existing photo on your computer

If the system is unable to recognize your photos due to blur or other issues, you will receive an email requesting you to resubmit your information. Your servers will not provision until verification is approved.

Unable to Verify with the Above Methods

If you have objections to the above verification methods, you may reach out directly to [email protected] or over chat to assist in verification. This is the slowest and least successful method of approval and is not recommended.

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