Maximum uptime is a top priority for the Hivelocity datacenter and networking teams. Still, there are occasions we need to perform upgrades or repairs on our server racks, power supplies, hardware, or network back bone. These activities are always performed to ensure maximum performance for your workloads. Therefore, there may be times when you encounter scheduled downtime. Minimizing the customer impact and helping you prepare for the event and possible downtime is our top priority.

Maintenance Notifications

Disruptive maintenance will always be announced in advance in order to allow our affected customers to prepare for the outage. Rarely, expedited maintenance may be required due to circumstances outside our control. Notice will still be given in these events, just on a shorter time frame. During these events, we work to minimize the impact to customers and maintain transparent lines of communication.

Email Notifications

If we determine any of your Hivelocity services will be impacted by maintenance, you will be informed why, when, and how via email to the email address on your client account and to any contact's email with the audit tickets permission.

What’s Next