Integration Options

We know you have unique processes for selling to your customers. To help ensure you succeed, Hivelocity provides options to accomodate varying methods of reselling. From MSPs to TSBs we have made it easy for you to work with us.

  • Direct API Integration: The flexible option. Preferred for resellers who have specific billing requirements or their own platforms.
  • WHMCS Plugin.: The fastet option. For resellers already using WHMCS that want a drop-in solution.


To choose an integration method you must first choose who will be billing your customers. In other words, you need to choose if you, or Hivelocity, will be collecting payment from the end customer.

Hivelocity bills your customers

This is the most standard referral plan. When you refer a customer, that customer will use the Hivelocity control panel to manage their services and pay their bill. We then subsequently pay you. Please refer to the Payments Documentation for more details.

If you'd prefer the customers use your portal via a Direct API Integration we can still bill your customers for you as long as you ensure your customers complete Account Verification and Add a Paymenet Method to their client account.

You bill your customers

This method requires some form of integration with our API - either directly or through our WHMCS plugin. In this case, you charge your customers your desired price, then Hivelocity invoices you for the services rendered to your customers. Typically, you would offer retail rates to your customers and we would provide you with a discounted rate up to 35%.

When you choose to integrate directly to the API you can either have:

  • A single client account for all your customer's services.
  • Multiple client accounts, one for each individual customer (or project) where services are isolated to that account.

This is explained in more detail in the API Integration Section.

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