Serial over SSH and IPMI

There are times when a server becomes unreachable due to broken networking, misconfiguration, bad firewall rules, etc. Hivelocity offers direct IPMI access to your server via our IPMI VPN. Once connected via IPMI, you can directly access the console of your server via SSH or KVM console.

Connecting to the IPMI VPN

Login to your myVelocity portal and navigate to the device you want to access. Click into the Sensors section and then click the Connect to IPMI button.

A modal will appear and provide different options for connecting to the IPMI VPN. The easy way to connect is by allowing your current IP address. The grey button should display your current IP address. If it does not, click the allow custom ip link and type your current IP address.

Once you click the grey Allow {YOUR IP} button.

You will see your IP is Adding... to the whitelist:

Wait for this step to complete. Then click the red Show my IPMI Credentials link and copy your login credentials. You will need them to access your IPMI Console.

IPMI KVM Console

All motherboards have a KVM console you can access from their IPMI dashboards. If you are looking for an automated way to interact with your server use Serial over SSH listed farther down in this document.

If you followed the above steps for IPMI VPN connection - click the IPMI Login Page button next.

This will open the IPMI login screen in a new tab. Enter the credentials you copied down to access your server's IPMI panel.

Note, depending on your motherboard vendor - Supermicro, Lenovo, HPE, etc - your IPMI panel may look different than the images below.

Once inside your IPMI panel, hover over Remote Control and click iKVM/HTML5 to access your console.

Serial of SSH

Once you are connected to the IPMI VPN you can directly SSH to your machine's serial. To do this use the following SSH command replacing YOUR_IPMI_USER with the user from above. It will then prompt you to enter your password which is your IPMI user password from above.

ssh -c aes256-ctr {YOUR_IPMI_USER}@

Disconnecting from the IPMI VPN

First, logout of the IPMI Console. Then in your myVelocity portal on the device's Sensors page, click the grey Clear IPIMI allowed list button.

This is for security purposes and ensures that your current IP Address is no longer whitelisted for IPMI access. The IPMI allowed whitelist is cleared automatically at the end of every day, even if you do not click the clear button.

Direct VPN Connection

You may alternatively download a permanent VPN profile and run that on your virtual machine to access your IPMI network.

From the IPMI access modal select Use VPN and this will give you instructions for downloading and installing the VPN on your machine.


If you are having trouble using the above method, there are a few potential solutions:

  1. Click clear IPMI allowed list, then try again. You are connecting to your public IP to the device's private IPMI IP and only 4 public IPs are allowed to be whitelisted simultaneously.
  2. Connect directly via VPN. You may also download the VPN profile and access IPMI from your local machine by clicking Use VPN and following the prompts.
  3. If you fail login too many times, the IPMI console of your machine will block access. This is a default security measure on every device. Please wait 10 minutes and repeat step 1.
  4. If neither method works for you, please contact [email protected] and a 24/7/365 tech will help you regain access to your server.