Hivelocity offers multiple ways of receiving referral payments that range from simple to sophisticated. Below are three of the most common forms of compensation.

Service Premiums

Want to get started right away? This is the simplest model. You sell and support Hivelocity servers under your own brand, and add a premium on top of the retail price to make your margins. In other words, if we sell a $300/mo server you sell it to your customers for $330/mo. In this model you collect payment yourself and we invoice you for the services. This form of reselling does not require you to contact our team. You can get started right away with our WHMCS Plugin or with your own API Integration.

Referral Fees

Know someone who could benefit from a Hivelocity Bare Metal Cloud solution? Refer new customers to us and let our hosting experts handle the rest. As a referral agent, you'll receive a flat commissions up to 20% each month on every solution sold to the companies you refer to Hivelocity.

To become a referral agent, complete the partnership application form. Once approved, you will receive instructions on how to register customers you refer to Hivelocity.

Discounted Rates

Similiar to Service Premiums. You sell Hivelocity services under your own brand, but instead of upcharging the customer you receive discounts up to 35% on all Hivelocity services while billing your own customers retail prices. This is the best option for medium to large scale companies who will be moving a lot of servers. Like service premiums, you have two options for selling under your own brand:

To receive a discounted rate as a reseller, complete the partnership application form.

Custom Deals

Have something unique in mind? Were flexible, and want to make sure our partnerships are always win-wins for both companies. We'd love to hear from you. Send us a message via the partnership application form.

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