Hivelocity Accepts Payment through Card, PayPal. Crypto, Wire, Check as as well as ACH. To place a new order with ACH, Wire Payment or Crypto send an email to [email protected] to get the payment information and have your payment manually posted.

Payment Methods

Getting payment methods

In the Portal navigate to Billing > Payment Methods. Here you will find a list of Credit Cards, ACH connections, and paypal subscriptions on your account.

You can also make a GET request to /billing-info.

curl -X GET \
  "" \
  -H  "accept: application/json" \

Adding payment methods

From the same panel you can click Add a Credit Card to add a new credit card and Link Bank Account to add a new ACH payment connection. After clicking you will be presented with a standard payment modal requesting your payment information.

If you are an unverified account, adding a credit card will trigger Account Verification. You must complete verification before you can purchase a server. Don't be offended, we ask everyone. Because hosting can be the target of malicious activity, we require verification in order to protect our network, our current customers, and you.

There is a limit on the ACH amount that can be processed and it can only be a US Bank. If you are sending ACH or Wire using and international bank automatic ACH payments will be unavailable.

Adding a Paypal Subscription

Paypal subscriptions can be added in the same location. Click the Create Paypal Subscription button then select the services you wish to be included in the subscription. You must have a pending invoice for your service before the ability to create a paypal subscription is available.

If you cancel your PayPal Subscription within the portal or API, that does not cancel it in PayPal. This is a Paypal limitation. You must cancel the PayPal subscription in your Paypal portal to stop payments.

If you need to adjust your Paypal subscription please open a ticket with [email protected]


Everything you deploy with Hivelocity is billed as a Service. For example, an Instant server will have a service associated with it that tracks it renew date, price, configuration options and their prices, cancellation date and more. In most circumstances end users will not need to differentiate between a device and a service, but in some use cases it may be valuable to programmatically retrieve service info for billing applications. You can retrieve a list of services by make a GET request to /service.

curl -X GET \
  "" \
  -H  "accept: application/json" \


Invoices are sent on the anniversary of your server purchase. They will include all servers and other services that renew on that date. Hourly services are billed on the first of each month for the previous months usage.

Viewing all Invoices

For your records, all invoices on your account are stored in the Billing > Invoices section of the website where you can view, download, and pay them.

Viewing invoices for a Device

Sometimes you need to see the invoices for a specific device on your account. This is easy enough to do. Navigate to the Devices list, click the desired device, then navigate to the Invoices section of the device. Here you will find a list of the invoices that contain this device.


You may cancel a service by navigating to the device > Admin and clicking the Cancel Service button. If the service is billed hourly or is internally marked as a cloud service, it will be cancelled immediately. Otherwise, cancellation will take place at the end of the paid billing period. Once a device has gone through the cancel process it will be securely wiped and no longer available.

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