With more locations than any on demand bare metal provider in the world, Hivelocity's Bare Metal Cloud lets you deploy in 30+ locations reaching over 80% of the world's population in less than 25 milliseconds. Every Hivelocity data center is concurrently maintainable, fully redundant, and SOC I, SOC II, HIPAA, and PCI Compliant. A site is designated as either CORE, EDGE, or CELL depending upon the location, network blend, and configurations available.

Reach 80% of the world's population in 25 milliseconds.

Reach 80% of the world's population in 25 milliseconds.

Core Sites

Core sites have all on-demand hardware available and offer 24 hour turn around on most custom servers. These sites have the most robust network blend and largest availability of configurations on demand. Custom servers ordered in these sites also have near same day turn around for typical orders. Core sites offer additional add-on services such as Backups And Rapid Restore, and advanced DDOS protection.

Edge Sites

Edge sites have a varied set of configurations available on-demand. Edge sites also have high availability and multiple transit providers to provide a word-class, self healing network just not as many as a core site. Custom server turn around in edge sites varies depending on location.

5G Cell Towers

Hivelocity currently has server availability in high-density datacenter containers at the bottom of two 5G cell towers. One outside of Truist Park in Atlanta, GA and one outside of Heinz Field in Pittsburg, PA.

To enable deployments in your account for either of these data centers, please contact [email protected]

To enable bare metal cloud capabilities in your own edge datacenter, see our Remote Datacenter deployment option.

Future Locations

Hivelocity is currently deploying into new locations to meet customer demand. If you have a location you would like to see added, please contact [email protected]

What’s Next