Custom Dedicated

Hivelocity gives you the ability to provision 100% custom dedicated servers in any of our global locations. Deploy any number of servers with the motherboard, processor, memory, storage, GPUs, and NICs you need for your workloads. Once you request custom hardware and your request is fulfilled, those dedicated servers will be available in your portal as well as our Rest APIs and have all the automation features of the Hivelocity Bare Metal Cloud.

Deploying Custom Servers

You may only deploy custom servers from the store. If you need a configuration not available in the store, please email your requirements to [email protected]. We pride ourselves on flexibility and are confident we can fulfill any of your workload needs.

Please note that you will requested to complete Account Verification if this is your first time ordering a server.

Via Store

You can deploy custom dedicated servers the same way you deploy Instant Dedicated Servers

Please note that if you order custom and instant servers in the same order, the instant server(s) will be split into a second order and provisioned while the custom server is built, racked, and deployed.

Deployment status

You can follow the status of your custom status build on the device list page of the portal. Once your server is available, this is also the location where you will see your provisioned device.

Via Chat with a Sales Rep

You can open a chat with our team of experts who will customize an order that meets your specific requirements. Just open a chat, tell us what you need, and the sales rep will send you a 1-Click checkout link to complete your order.

Initial Login Credentials

Instant and Custom servers' login credentials can be retrieved the same way.


Instant and Custom servers' billing information can be retrieved the configured way.


Because custom servers must be built, a Device will be assigned to your account before the server actually goes online. This device determines the location, position, and IPs of your future server. The service will not be created and you will not be billed until the server is built and racked. Once the server goes online, the device will be associated to the service and you will have access to your server.

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