Operating Systems

Hivelocity provides numerous operating systems that can be deployed on any of our configurations. Hivelocity OS images are unmodified versions of the OS cloud images. By default, our network and hardware are tailored to be compatible with most commonly used operating systems. If we do not offer an operating system or a version of an operating system that meets your needs, you can bring your own OS images using Custom iPXE.

On Custom Dedicated deployments, we offer a wider range of standard operating systems. If none of those operating systems meet your needs, we can install the image of your choice.

Operating Systems via API

When you provision a server through the portal or store, the operating systems are a required option to start provisioning. To return a list of operating systems from the API, make a GET request to /product/PRODUCT_ID/operating-systems.

curl -X 'GET' \
  'https://core.hivelocity.net/api/v2/product/480/operating-systems' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \

Operating Systems Reference

All operating systems we provide are the latest stable minor release.

Operating SystemInstantCustom Dedicated
Alma Linux 8.xtruetrue
CentOS 7.xtruetrue
Citrix XenServer 6.xfalsetrue
Cloud Linux 8falsetrue
Cloud Linux 7falsetrue
Debian (latest)falsetrue
ESXi (latest)falsetrue
Flatcar Container Linux (latest)truetrue
FreeBSD 11.xfalsetrue
FreeBSD 8.xfalsetrue
FlatcarOS (latest)truetrue
Proxmox 7.xtruetrue
Rocky Linux 8.xtruetrue
Redhat Enterprise 7.xfalsetrue
Redhat Enterprise 6.xfalsetrue
Ubuntu 20.xtruetrue
Ubuntu 18.xtruetrue
Windows 2019 Standardtruetrue
Windows 2019 Datacentertruetrue
Windows 2016 Standardtruetrue
Windows 2016 Datacentertruetrue

Licensed Operating Systems

Some of the above operating systems have a license cost. The license model and pricing varies by operating system and vendor. Compatibility, versions, and pricing information is available when configuring your server and is also included in the response from the API. Our prices match our costs from the OS provider and are therefore unaffected by discounts.

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