Alternative Cloud Alliance

Join the Hivelocity Alternative Cloud Alliance. Fight the cloud empire with the best margins in the industry — earn up to 45% of revenues while providing superior performance and static pricing to your customers.

For companies that sell complimentary services to the Bare Metal Cloud. Co-sell and co-market your service with Hivelocity. Capture more business opportunities by adding compute as part of your offering.

Who should join

-aaS Builders

SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS companies who are building their applications or solutions on top of a cloud computing platform. Increase your margins and performance by utilizing compute and direct networking with the Hivelocity Bare Metal Cloud.

Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers (MSPs), development agencies or system integrators (SI) who build and manage infrastructure on behalf of customers. You typically provide consulting, integration or migration services to clients, and would benefit from the generous 35% margins and superior performance of the Hivelocity Bare Metal Cloud. Learn more about the benefits of being a solutions partner.

Complimentary Services

Providers of services that are complimented by compute as part of a bundled solution such as storage, k8s, CDN, and other services. Close bigger deals with higher margins by providing all-in-one infrastructure solutions to your customers. Learn more about being a solutions partner.

Alternative Cloud Alliance Members:

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