To access the API, you must generate an API key in your myVelocity Control Panel. API Keys give your Client Account or Contacts access to the Hivelocity API. The client account's API Keys give unrestricted access to all endpoints. If you have multiple client accounts with a matching email address, each individual client account will have its own API Key. The contact API Keys give access to endpoints that correspond with their granted permissions. Each user has a single API token.

Getting your API Key

You can manage your tokens by navigating to Settings > API Key.

Once you have obtained your API Key, you will be able to make an Authenticated Request to the Hivelocity API. Each request to the API requires an HTTP Request called X-API-KEY with the value being your API Key.

Expiring your API Key

To expire or roll your current API Key, navigate to the API Key section and click GENERATE NEW KEY.;

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