A facility is a single, physical data center location. Each facility has its own facility code and available configurations called products. To get a list of available locations, go to the dedicated server section of the Hivelocity Website and click filter by location.

You can also get a list of facilities by making a GET request to /inventory/locations

curl -X 'GET' \
  'https://core.hivelocity.net/api/v2/inventory/locations' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \

Facility Codes

Each core facility has a facility code consisting of three letters and a number. This code is used to specify the location for deployments. The letters of a location's facility code are derived from the Airport Code of the nearest airport. The number represents the order each facility was brought online in that city. Typically, this is the numeral 1 for locations with a single facility.

The codes of edge facilities are derived the same way as core facilities then prefixed with EDGE-.

Facility Reference

USA & Canada

Ashburn, VAEDGE-IAD2Edge
Atlanta, GAATL2Core
Chicago, ILORD1Core
Dallas, TXDAL1Core
Dallas, TXEDGE-DAL1Edge
Dallas, TXEDGE-DAL2Edge
Los Angeles, CALAX1Core
Los Angeles, CALAX2Core
Los Angeles, CAEDGE-LAX1Edge
Miami, FLFLL1Core
Miami, FLEDGE-FLL1Edge
New York City, NYNYC1Core
Newark, NJEDGE-JFK1Edge
Phoenix, AZEDGE-PHX1Edge
Reston, VAEDGE-IAD3Edge
Sunnyvale, CAEDGE-SNV1Edge
Seattle, WASEA1Core
Sunnyvale, CAEDGE-SNV1Edge
Tampa, FLTPA1Core
Tampa, FLTPA2Core
Toronto, ONEDGE-YYZ1Edge
Toronto Mississauga, ONEDGE-YYZ2Edge
Vancouver, BCEDGE-YXX1Edge


Amsterdam, NetherlandsAMS1Core
Frankfurt, GermanyFRA1Core
Frankfurt, GermanyEDGE-FRA1Edge
London, UKEDGE-LYC1Edge
London, UKEDGE-LYC2Edge
London Gatwick, UKEDGE-LGW1Edge
London Heathrow, UKEDGE-LHR1Edge
London Slough, UKEDGE-LHR2Edge
Madrid, SpainEDGE-TOJ1Edge
Milan, ItalyEDGE-LIN1Edge
Paris, FranceEDGE-CDG1Edge
Poznan, PolandEDGE-POZ1Edge
Riga, LatviaEDGE-RIX1Edge
Stockholm, SwedenEDGE-ARN1Edge
Vilnius, LithuaniaEDGE-VNO1Edge

APAC (Asian-Pacific Countries)

Delhi, IndiaEDGE-DEL1Edge
Hong Kong, ChinaEDGE-HKG1Edge
Mumbai, IndiaEDGE-BOM1Edge
Pune, IndiaEDGE-PNQ1Edge
Seoul, South KoreaEDGE-ICN1Edge
Singapore, SingaporeEDGE-SIN1Edge
Sydney, AustraliaEDGE-SYD1Edge
Tokyo, JapanEDGE-NRT1Edge

Central & South America

Sao Paulo, BrazilEDGE-SAO1Edge


Johannesburg, South AfricaEDGE-JHN1Edge
Lagos, NigeriaEDGE-LOS1Edge

Finding a Server's Facility

In the control panel, you can see which facility your server lives in from the Devices section by looking at the Location ID column. This will display the facility code for the location.

You can also retrieve the facility information of your server by making a GET request to the /devices/DEVICE_ID endpoint.

Facility Inventory

The stock of a product in a facility is dependent on the server parts supply chain and variations in demand. Hivelocity has built a robust supplier network to ensure rapid re-stocking, that said, the exact product stock in a facility will vary over time. When you deploy from our website, the inventory available in each facility is automatically filtered. If you are deploying servers through the API, you must specify the facility code.

To check the available inventory of facilities, use the /inventory/product . Send a GET request to see a complete list of facilities, products, and their stock.

curl -X 'GET' \
  'https://core.hivelocity.net/api/v2/inventory/product?location=MAIN&group_by=facility' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \

The stock responses for a product are one of the following:

  • Available - There are plenty of servers available.
  • Limited - There are servers available, but the stock is limited.
  • Unavailable - Servers of a particular type and data center combination are not available.

The query arg location can have the values:

  • MAIN - A list of all traditional Instant and Custom Dedicated servers.
  • OUTLET - A list of servers with older generation CPUs listed at a discount.
  • GPU - A list of servers with GPU availability. If you need different GPU configurations, email [email protected] and we can source GPUs for your particular workload.

The query arg group_by can have the values:

  • facility - will return the products grouped by the facilities where they are available.
  • cities - will return the products grouped by the cities where they are available.
  • flat - a flat list of products where each permutation of a product and facility is an individual item.

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