Remote Datacenter

Automate Bare-Metal in your own data center using the same low footprint orchestration layer that powers the Hivelocity Bare Metal Cloud. A remote datacenter deployment gives you all the features of the Hivelocity Bare Metal Cloud through the Hivelocity control panel and API but in your own location. Consume your own Bare Metal as a Service or let Hivelocity provide the hardware for you. This deployment option is for companies looking to rapidly build their own Bare Metal Cloud for their employees or customers by leveraging our technology.

If you want to do a remote datacenter deployment, please contact sales.

How it Works

All deployments take up to a maximum of 90 days to complete. Once a contract is in place, Hivelocity sends one of our expertly trained technicians to install our top of rack orchestration layer in your datacenter. The orchestration layer requires 3Us of rack space. The technicians will also install the compute servers if you request to provide your own hardware. Once installed, you will be able to provision and deprovision the servers, control Layer 3 and Layer 2 networking, and leverage all the other features available in the myVelocity Control Panel and the Hivelocity API.

If you wish to sell servers to your customers, we have multiple options for providing a white-labeled portal and API experience you can discuss with your account rep.

Deployment Requirements

Our setup is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible so that companies can execute on their Bare Metal Cloud strategy as quickly as possible. Therefore, there are few hard requirements to provide maximum flexibility. The minimum requirements for a remote datacenter deployment are:

  • 3Us of rack space per facility
  • Rack space for the desired amount of compute hardware
  • Ability to connect the target racks to Hivelocity's network backbone. Our team of expert network engineers will assist in this process.

Getting Started

To get started with Remote Datacenter deployments, please visit the our website's Bare Metal in your Datacenter page and fill out the request a quote form or email [email protected].

What’s Next