Routed VLAN Interfaces

Routed VLAN Interfaces allow you to route IPs and Subnets to one of your VLAN's via an IRB interface. Once routed to a VLAN, the subnet's IPs become available for use by any device in the VLAN. This is a typical setup for hypervisor-like environments, such as K8s deployments.

Routing IPs to a VLAN

Before you can route IPs to the VLAN interface you need to Create a VLAN on your account. Once created, any subnet of IPs that are unassigned can be routed to your VLAN.

Via Portal


In Development

This feature is only supported in the API. Portal support is expected to become available late 2022.



In Development

This feature is expected to become available mid 2022.

Using the IPs with your Server

Once routed to the VLAN, you need to run commands on the server(s) in your VLAN to finish making an IP available to those server(s). In hypervisor-like deployments the hypervisor typically handles this for you. If you are manually routing the IPs yourself, you can use the interface IPs the same way you configure your server to accept statically routed IPs.

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